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Sunflower Webinars are online seminars that originate from the KBA office on topics that are developed specifically for Kansas bankers, with the majority being presented by Terri Thomas, Director of KBA's Legal and Compliance Department. Pricing is based on the asset size of the bank. OnDemand order form.



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Account Documentation - Electronic Link (2018)     $195.00

Terri Thomas, KBA

300+ page manual addressing account documentation issues such as Regulation D; CIP; all types of account relationships; conservators; estates; PODs; funeral agreements; HSAs; IRAs; ETA, etc. and including a discussion of FDIC insurance. This manual is updated during the even-num-bered years.


Call Report Preparation: A Review and Update (2020)     $200.00

Ann Thomas, Thomas Consulting

150+ page manual covering all aspects of call reports, i.e. 2019 revisions, FFIEC 041, balance sheet schedules RC to RC-Q, risk-based capital schedules, balance sheet schedules RC-S, RC-T, RC-U, RC-V, income statement schedules, reports and information needed to complete the call report, and a review of common errors.


Commercial/Ag Loan Documentation (2018)     $140.00

Lewis C. Laderer, Jr., Attorney at Law

Examine documentation practices as well as review key areas of commercial law, including Revised Article 9 of the UCC, in this 275+ page manual. Also included in the manual is a loan closing checklist and statutes affecting the ag lender. 


Deposit Compliance Manual - Electronic LInk (2020)     $240.00

Adeel Syed, Neal Barclay, KBA

A comprehensive training manual covering numerous deposit-related issues including Truth in  Savings, Regulation CC, Bank Secrecy Act, Regulation E, Regulation D, and others.  This 320-page manual is updated during the even numbered years.

IRA Training & Reference Manual (2019)     $110.00

Patrice Konarik, Sunwest Training Corporation

This 275+ page manual covers all aspects of individual retirement accounts as well as newly-enacted regulations, i.e. IRA plan types, beneficiaries, qualifications, distributions, rollovers and transfers, HSAs and more.


Legal Update Manual - Electronic Link (2020)     $165.00

Terri Thomas, KBA

This 300+ page manual contains numerous memos and tidbits covering a wide variety of banking topics, including Reg Z and RESPA revisions, Reg E, garnishment law changes, flood insurance amendments, UCC Article 9, fair lending, social media, 2019 Kansas legislation, recent banking-related court decisions and much more. 

Lending Fundamentals, State Law Manual - Electronic Link (2019)     $185.00

Terri Thomas KBA

This manual is a comprehensive source of information on the regulatory and statutory aspects of lending in Kansas.


Lending Fundamentals, Federal Law Manual - Electronic Link (2019)     $185.00

Terri Thomas KBA

This manual will provide bankers with the most current federal laws and regulations pertaining to consumer and commercial lending. Topics include in depth coverage of the Truth in Lending Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, flood insurance requirements and appraisal regulations.


Operations Manual - Electronic Link  (2018)       Click Here for Pricing

KBA Legal Department                                      

Serving as a companion resource to the KBA account documentation, deposit compliance, and lending fundamentals manuals.  Updated annually, the manuals address check collection, garnishments, privacy, marketing, HR, Reg E/ACH/Article 4A, BSA, FACTA, contingency planning, IRS reporting and much more.  

Real Estate Lending and Compliance (2016)     $165

Jack Holzknecht, Compliance Resource, LLC

This 400 page manual provides an overview of the consumer and real estate lending requirements from each regulation, along with comprehensive coverage of selected topics, policy suggestions, employee training tips, audit techniques and steps to eliminate past problems.


Record Retention Guide - Flash Drive (2016)     Click Here for Pricing

KBA Legal Department

This publication provides the latest information on State and Federal retention requirements.   It’s easy-to-use format reports data by document type as well as by regulatory requirement.