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Compensation & Benefits Survey

This annual 90+ page survey contains compensation data on 65+ benchmark positions in the bank covering close to 7,000 employees. The data is reported on a statewide basis, by geographic region and by asset size. The report also includes a salary guide for non-exempt employees using eight pay grades with minimum, midpoint, and maximum salary rages. A separate section on Director compensation and employee benefits rounds out the survey instrument, making it one of the most comprehensive of its type. Banks who participate in the survey by returning their questionnaires automatically receive a copy at the discounted price. All other banks may purchase the report at the regular price by printing and faxing the order form. The survey is published in June of each year.

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Comparative Data Report/Service Charge Survey

This 50+ page report is produced annually as a management tool for Kansas bankers, providing an opportunity to observe trends in Kansas banking as well as compare bank earnings and expense ratios with those of their peers. Data is computed in 43 different comparison categories and reported by asset peer group. A key part of the Comparative Data Report is a summary of bank service charges covering in excess of 50+ products and/or services. Banks who participate in the service charge survey may purchase the Comparative Data Report at a discounted price. All other banks may purchase the report at the regular price by completing and returning the order form. The report is published in June of the even-numbered years.

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Bank Technology Survey

This 60+ page report is published every three years, with the most recent published in 2017, in an effort to identify information technology trends in Kansas banks as well as create a database of users of various technologies. The survey reports on approximately 65 different types of hardware and software applications being used in Kansas banks today. Participating banks have the opportunity to access users of various applications for reference purposes and are able to receive a copy of the survey results free of charge. Non-participants may purchase the survey using the order form.

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